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士林社大(竹山戶外活動)Tea Appreciation Day 『世界奉茶日』2010

Tea Appreciation Day 『世界奉茶日』

Tea Appreciation Day 『世界奉茶日』

Tea Appreciation Day

Spring of 2005, Taipei Taiwan
Written by Steven R. Jones

Spirit of offering to extend Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony originally came from a celebration on Mother's Day called “Family Tea Ceremony” (officially held around 500 people and their Family Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony which began May 12, 1991 at Taipei Music Hall Square, has had 14 years of history), and now has expanded for all people, It is held one day during the first weekend of May (or close to it) every year from 2005. People and organizations can gather together to make and serve tea with the attending individuals and passing strangers alike. This activity is healthy, and now in 2005 the universal activity peacefully chooses the name "Tea Appreciation Day". Any person of: an organization, a group, an association, a family, a community, a school, can organize, and unite on this day with individual, at some pre-planned place like perhaps in a public square, and conduct any kind of tea party for the invited people, and even the strangers which might pass by. The activity could even include, lectures or the conversation, and its content should include tea culture related curriculum. Activity leaders must follow local laws and regulations. There is no need to register with any organization (including The International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association), Any written material or announcements including a bulletin board, is just for conveying and promoting the association for people to enter or be informed. In order to promote The International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association, the Association will print a poster every year to make public. If any organization or individual would like a poster they must make a request from The International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association.
1. 主旨:奉一杯茶給親人、朋友及陌生的人,增進社會祥和之氣。這是茶文化很重要的一項內涵與作為,我們以每年一個全民「奉茶日」來發揚光大之。

2. 時間:每年五月的第一個週末,從週末前後延伸的一個星期。

3. 方式:有志於此項活動的單位或個人,以自己認為最適當的方式,舉辦一次茶會,奉茶給參觀的人、應邀與會的人、或是您的鄰居、親友。

4. 話題:活動期間談論的主題僅限與茶直接有關的事物。如對茶的認識、泡法、茶器、茶史、茶藝、茶道理念、茶與健康等。

5. 聯絡方法:所有舉辦奉茶日活動的單位或個人即是此項活動的聯絡、諮詢對象,有志於此項活動,並擬公開舉辦者,得透過任何方式將奉茶時間、地點、方式公告之。

6. 擬舉辦之單位或個人:(大家相約舉辦,登記僅為顯示推廣狀況,非屬必要。)
Poster reads:
All over the world every year, the first weekend or close to it in May places are chosen to celebrate Tea Appreciation Day. People gather together to make and serve tea with close relatives, friends, and strangers alike.
Please contact:
International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association
3F, #64, Heng-Yang Rd.,
Taipei, Taiwan, 10003
Tel: +886-2-2331-6636
FAX: +886-2-2331-0660
(spring 2005, revised May 2009 added Chinese)